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Juisci is a medical intelligence platform that centralizes scientific research and provides a reliable, visual synthesis of the latest publications. Easily browse the latest studies to facilitate your daily work.

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Art G.
nurse practitioner
Great app!!!!! Now, if only we can get ppl to use it
Xemira H.
medical specialist
OMG, just the app I needed! Thank you!! :D
general practitioner
Thanks! Busy Practitioner here
Claudia G.
healthcare enthusiast
OMG!! FABULOUS! I am thrilled at cohesive access to knowledge.
Shravan K
medical resident
This is so amazing thank you so much 🤩😁🙏
Tom L.
medical student
Thanks a lot! This is a game changer 😀
Bernard G
medical specialist
Radiologist here, Thank you! You are awesome. Great content
Pr. Anderson
PhD researcher
Now I can throw random literature knowledge at my coworkers without spending hours!
Arlette J.
clinical researcher
Thank you so much for developing this! Sharing with my fellow clinical researchers!
Aparna Sinha
medical student
Oh this is super cool! As a grad student I always get overwhelmed by new research [...]
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Where is the medical content coming from? 

We only process content coming from top scientific journals and use an index based on several criteria such as the impact factor, the number of citations and the publication date to offer objective, reliable and updated medical content to our audience. 

Who can use Juisci?

Juisci is available to healthcare professionals, medical residents, and medical students.

How frequently do you publish new content on the app?

We are progressively opening up new medical specialties with scientific digests to read or to listen to for free:

- 15+ medical specialties are currently available on the app 🧬
- Around 300 new digests are published on the app every week 📱

Is the app available in other languages?

Juisci is now available in English and French. Spanish and German versions of the app are also coming soon.

How do you monetize your platform? 

The app is free for end-users to embrace our mission: to democratize and accelerate medical knowledge access, consumption and activation for the healthcare community. We are proudly independent and you will never receive commercial ads on the app.

For organizations, we offer a company dashboard to help them automate their scientific monitoring, clinical input extraction and skill improvement in a specific field. 

How does the AI fetch and summarize scientific papers?

To obtain the current results, we've built AI based on open web technologies and trained it on millions of scientific papers and journal articles. Our results currently exceed the state-of-the art AI in our field.

How is your AI working?

We’ve built a technical pipeline composed of several components that automatically index, cleans, summarizes and visualizes scientific publications. On top of that, we have developed a recommendation algorithm taking into account users’ profile, speciality, sub-specialties and behavior to push recommended content that sticks to our users’ needs.

How do I access the Juisci app?

Our fresh scientific research is available on the Apple App Store and through our web app. Download or browse the app by clicking on this link

What’s the difference between Juisci and PubMed or Google Scholar?

Juisci’s platform is tailored for you! We designed our mobile app to become your daily companion and remain easily up-to-date about the latest clinical discoveries in your field - by browsing, scrolling or swaping through content and features. Your daily feed will be populated with recommended scientific articles based on your profile, specialty and reading habits. With Juisci, you’ll spend less time searching and more time enjoying and consuming content that’s relevant to you.

Do I need to pay to use Juisci?

We want to remain as accessible as possible, so Juisci is free for medical students and residents. We also offer a risk-free 30-day trial for physicians and healthcare professionals. After the trial period has ended, the cost of the subscription is €4.99/month.