Our vision

Giving healthcare professionals a fresher way to consume clinical research and scientific literature.

That’s why we built a platform to make medical journals and publications more accessible, digestible, and shareable within the healthcare community.

Hi, we’re Juisci—

A multi-disciplinary & international team of accomplished medical professionals, PhDs, creative minds, tech gurus and data scientists. Our wide range of perspectives gives us insight into the unique challenges our users face and help us build the world’s first personalized medical journal database.
Meet our founders

Our leadership team

Robin Roumengas
Co-founder, CEO
As a digital health enthusiast and tech evangelist, Robin has co-founded several companies specializing in healthcare and life sciences. He believes that empowering healthcare professionals through engaging and innovative solutions is the key to better supporting patients.
David Luu, MD
Co-founder, CMO
David Luu, MD, is a pediatric cardiac surgeon, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He believes all healthcare professionals should have easier access to the latest clinical breakthroughs in medicine.
Meet our Scientific Advisory Board

We have formed a Scientific & Ethics board composed of distinguished scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, and senior officials from academic institutions.

This board works alongside our executive team to advance our medical expertise while strengthening our scientific endorsement.
Pr. Gérard Friedlander
General Delegate
University of Paris,

Foundation former Dean of Paris Descartes / Necker
Pr. Jean-Christophe Mercier
Professor Emeritus
Pediatrics Paris Diderot University
Dr. Anne-Julie Vaillant-Ciszewicz
Clinical Psychologist Specialist in Geriatrics
University Hospital of Nice
Dr. Jean-Claude Couffinhal
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
National Academy of Surgery
Fiene Marie  Kuijper
Resident in Neurology, Normalienne,
Dr. Marc Salomon
Doctor of Medicine, Intern and specialist in cardiovascular diseases and preventive medicine
Hospitals of Marseille
Amel Salhi
PhD, Renal physiology and pathophysiology
Pierre and Marie Curie University,
Dr. Jean-Martin Cohen Solal
Ex-Ministry of Health,
President Dargia Conseils
Dr. Juliette Hazart
Public Health Physician, Addictologist, Nutritionist
Public Health Society, France
Pr. Emmanuel  Simon
Head of Department
Obstetrics, gynecology and fetal medicine
CHU de Dijon
Dr. Pichoy Danial
Cardiovascular surgeon
University Hospitals Pitié Salpêtrière (APHP)
Pr. Olivier Farges
Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery Visceral and digestive surgery
Xavier Olessa-Daragon
Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Biological Engineering
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Our Key Principles

Empowering HCPs to ultimately serve patients
Achieving product excellence for a simplified experience
Digesting useful information to make it more memorable
Making trust a seed of growth
Cultivating flexibility and diversity through global decentralized teams
Leveraging AI as an aid,  not the end goal


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🩺 Where does the medical content originate from?
🤖 How does the AI select and summarize scientific publications?
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🦾 How does your AI work?
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🛠 What’s the difference between Juisci and search engines such as PubMed or Google Scholar?
🤝 How do you monetize your platform?
🔒 Is my personal information safe?
❤️ Can I customize my content feed and can I save content for later use?
📤 How do I share content and collaborate with peers and coworkers on the app?

What our users say

Jean-Claude Couffinhal

National Academy of Surgery
An essential tool for maintaining our levels of knowledge, a breadcrumb trail in a labyrinthine ecosystem of publications.

Libby Wiskowsk

Juisci User
I was extremely impressed with Juisci layout and ease of use. This app helps not only healthcare professionals but members of the public understand better to navigate the systems and advocate for the best care.

Romain Lamotte

General Practitioner
Functional, design, intuitive and very well thought out, this mobile app is a gem. I think it will take an important and deserved place in the world of medical bibliographic research. A nice tool in your pocket.

Aryaman Bhutani

Juisci User
Juisci is a really cool and intuitive platform to gain new knowledge about the ever expanding world of research, especially in healthcare. It makes it easier and convenient to access new info.

Noah Hall

Juisci is an incredible resource! There is so much information available, yet, the user experience is fluid and easy to navigate. I think every healthcare professional should at least give Juisci a look.

Aparna Sinha

medical student
Juisci is a great tool! As a grad student I always get overwhelmed by new research that I need to be up to date on before going for meetings or presentations.