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How does it work?

The proliferation of scientific and medical information creates important professional challenges. This is where our Artificial Intelligence comes in:

Parsed by our well-trained AI.

Juisci automatically selects the right information using specific parameters — impact factor, number of citations, peer-reviewed content and publication date — to bring you only the reliable, the useful and the enlightening.

A centralized and trusted source of information.

Medical information is scattered across many platforms, making it tedious and time-consuming to find. Our technology centralizes trustworthy and relevant information to give you direct access to the latest medical advances in your field. Stop searching, start finding!

Synthesis made perfect.

Consulting medical news is always time consuming and can be unpleasant. Juisci’s medical specialists and data scientists have trained our artificial intelligence to accurately summarize and visualize all the latest medical publications available on the application.

The latest content, always.

Our artificial intelligence scans thousands of predefined sources daily to focus on the latest high-quality information published.