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Juisci empowers the healthcare community to access, digest and share scientific publications, clinical studies and medical guidelines.

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Our AI-powered mobile app automatically curates and summarizes relevant & trustworthy information from the medical literature to help healthcare professionals stay up-to-date.

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Healthcare professionals are at the heart of our mission, which is why we proudly provide qualitative, reliable and ad-free medical information.

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Never hold back on consuming medical news.

Medical information of your choice, from thousands of sources, covering 20+ medical specialties, processed by our top-notch Artificial Intelligence to deliver reliable, updated and actionable digests.

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Juisci has your needs covered. Read or listen to summaries of the latest clinical research in your field in under 2 minutes, straight from your phone.

What our users say


general practitioner
Thanks! Busy Practitioner here

Aparna Sinha

medical student
Oh this is super cool! As a grad student I always get overwhelmed by new research [...]

Arlette J.

clinical researcher
Thank you so much for developing this! Sharing with my fellow clinical researchers!

Art G.

nurse practitioner
Great app!!!!! Now, if only we can get ppl to use it

Bernard G

medical specialist
Radiologist here, Thank you! You are awesome. Great content

Claudia G.

healthcare enthusiast
OMG!! FABULOUS! I am thrilled at cohesive access to knowledge.

Pr. Anderson

PhD researcher
Now I can throw random literature knowledge at my coworkers without spending hours!

Shravan K

medical resident
This is so amazing thank you so much 🤩😁🙏

Tom L.

medical student
Thanks a lot! This is a game changer 😀

Xemira H.

medical specialist
OMG, just the app I needed! Thank you!! :D

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