Freshly squeezed, straight from the source.

Juisci makes scientific journals and publications more accessible, digestible, and shareable within the healthcare community.

The latest medical knowledge just got more accessible.

The AI-powered platform distills and curates relevant information from scientific publications to help healthcare professionals stay up-to-date with the latest clinical research.

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Sip On Science

Read or listen to the latest breakthroughs in medicine anytime, anywhere.

Sip On Science
From peer-reviewed to crowd‑reviewed

From peer-reviewed to crowd-reviewed

Connect with other healthcare professionals in your field to find out what’s working.

Trustworthy & actionable

The same trusted medical research now in an easily digestible and shareable format to support continuing medical education.

Trustworthy & actionable
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Save time and money

Subscriptions to medical journals can cost thousands of dollars per year and can take hundreds of hours to search and read through.

Juisci gives you access to all the open access breakthrough medical research at a fraction of time and price, in easily digestible nuggets of information.

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Clinical research tailored to your specialty.

Juisci is currently offering content mostly in cardiology, neurology and family medicine for healthcare professionals, medical residents and medical students. We are actively working towards offering more content in other medical specialties in the near future.

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