Private & personalized access to medical literature

Juisci Workspace automates your scientific monitoring needs and efficiently disseminates key information

Juisci Workspace vous offre un tableau de bord qui automatise votre veille scientifique.

Vous pouvez maintenant extraire les enseignements cliniques les plus pertinents à implémenter directement dans votre contenu, essais cliniques, stratégie médicale ou campagne. Notre plateforme vous permet de :

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Use keywords to filter, select & upload pieces of scientific literature

Automatically select the latest scientific content based on advanced parameters—including your own publications.

Process & summarize your selected publications

Convert long and complex  publications into snackable content in a flash.

Easily review key clinical inputs

Extract and visualize clinical data in a well-organized way.

Measure content performance

Analyze trends and user engagement to optimize your content.

Stay continuously informed

Disseminate scientific and medical knowledge to your team—directly to their phones.

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Bid farewell to time-consuming literature research

With Juisci, your experts & medical teams can get back to what they do best: activating and disseminating medical knowledge