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Stay up-to-date with the latest scientific publications and protocols for your business initiatives.

The first free, simple, and intuitive medical knowledge app.

At a time when medical knowledge is becoming democratized, Juisci offers you free access to reliable summaries—so that you can keep up with the latest scientific advances.

Get reliable medical information

Juisci provides direct access to medical advances in primary care and current issues such as COVID-19.
Remain up- to- date with the latest scientific and clinical advances to reinforce your professional initiatives.

Benefit from efficient and qualitative syntheses

Juisci selects scientific papers based on reliable criteria to consume and share throughout the medical community.

What our users say

Art G.
nurse practitioner
Great app!!!!! Now, if only we can get ppl to use it
Xemira H.
medical specialist
OMG, just the app I needed! Thank you!! :D
general practitioner
Thanks! Busy Practitioner here
Claudia G.
healthcare enthusiast
OMG!! FABULOUS! I am thrilled at cohesive access to knowledge.
Shravan K
medical resident
This is so amazing thank you so much 🤩😁🙏
Tom L.
medical student
Thanks a lot! This is a game changer 😀
Bernard G
medical specialist
Radiologist here, Thank you! You are awesome. Great content
Pr. Anderson
PhD researcher
Now I can throw random literature knowledge at my coworkers without spending hours!
Arlette J.
clinical researcher
Thank you so much for developing this! Sharing with my fellow clinical researchers!
Aparna Sinha
medical student
Oh this is super cool! As a grad student I always get overwhelmed by new research [...]


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Is the app available in other languages?
What’s the difference between Juisci and PubMed or Google Scholar?
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