Juisci provides access to AI-based technology
and dedicated interfaces, reserved exclusively for your members & HCPs.
your scientific literature monitoring in your specialties to stay in the know
educational content - videos, playlists, infographics - with AI assistance.
reliable, up-to-date medical information to your members and HCPs
visibility among your peers and the medical community

Get a private & personalized access to medical literature

  • Customize your content requests to our AI (medical specialties; criteria; keywords).
  • Automate end-to-end the selection, synthesis and recommendation of thousands of publications.
  • Manage your members & HCPs.
  • Scale your content production.
  • Analyze trends & interests.

Distribute value-based content to your community

Dedicated interface
Get your own Juisci’s private interface for sharing engaging scientific digests in your field, through a customizable, user-friendly app:
  • Juices of science (digests, audio, videos)
  • Conference coverage (symposium, posters, infographics)
  • Features (blender, messaging, elastic search)
Use our Artificial Intelligence to:

Summarize your publications into content that is easy to read or listen to


Turn long .pdf publications into
short-form videos

AI-gen vidEos

Cover congresses or topics
of interest with experts & KOLs


Highlight your organization and expertise
within the community

Display your company profile and news feed.
Create playlists of informative & educational content visible to the community.
Engage and interact with community members.

Vitaminize your conference!

Conference COVERAGE
Transform your booth into an oasis of science and energy
Attract visitors with a vibrant and value-oriented booth.
Onboard HCPs on your dedicated interface and follow-up with them after the congress.
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