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Medical associations

Juisci offers a community-first platform for medical associations. Increase member engagement by providing a personalized platform for healthcare professionals to share, discuss, and disseminate the latest medical knowledge.

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Private access for your members
Community engagement
personnalized experience
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data analysis
User analytics
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Sip on Science

Juisci is the future of scientific knowledge sharing.

Gone are the days of clunky clinical knowledge dissemination and time-consuming databases.
Get important medical breakthroughs in your field, straight to your phone.


Where is the medical content coming from?
How does the AI fetch and summarize scientific papers?
Who can use Juisci?
How is your AI working?
How frequently do you publish new content on the app?
How do I access the Juisci app?
Is the app available in other languages?
What’s the difference between Juisci and PubMed or Google Scholar?
How do you monetize your platform?