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Who We Serve – Juisci Solutions for Everyone

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Sep 1, 2021
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Creating a cohesive and effective healthcare ecosystem based on medical knowledge isn’t easy. But at Juisci, we refuse to accept today’s standard when it comes to sharing healthcare publications.

A standard of multiple platforms, numerous paywalls, and excessive time spent searching to find applicable knowledge and updates.

Our community-centered healthcare startup aims to challenge the status quo standard when it comes to scientific knowledge. We used an unrivaled combo of technology, social promotion, and scientific features to educate and stimulate the mind’s of healthcare leaders and innovators.

At Juisci, we’re more than technology and more than another AI-drive healthcare platform. We represent a human-focused platform designed to improve the experience for all businesses and users. We help organizations increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and time, and improve engagement.

We are a people-platform and one your community will return to day after day. Read on to uncover the specific benefits and applications your organization will gain when you partner with Jusici.


Operating high-level medical associations involves constantly evolving to not only what your members need, but what they want. Healthcare professionals have many options when it comes to medical associations or academic memberships to invest in.

It can feel like an uphill battle to deliver unique features and value to your members, keeping them engaged and interested.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for systems to work together and provide a digital platform (more accurately a digital space) for medical associations and organizations to come together, learn, and lean on each other. With in-person connection options eliminated seemingly overnight due to COVID-19, this left members searching for community elsewhere.

Many members chose to turn to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to create forums and space to share valuable information and breakthroughs regarding COVID-19 treatments. Healthcare professionals also used these platforms to support each other during this unprecedented time by creating private groups to share concerns, fears, and successes.

By doing this – medical associations and organizations were bypassed. They had no way to compete with the rapid engagement promoted through social media. And it also showed how valuable having a space for connection was – as humans we need it to survive.

With Juisci, your members have the space to connect, share, and collaborate integrated into our platform. So in addition to medical article access, members have community engagement access.

With our private access for your members, content is curated to your audience and prevents irrelevant content from cluttering their feed. With your branded interface, community engagement ensures crowd-reviewed content makes its way to the top for your users.

You also have access to user analytics to keep a pulse on the interests and habits of your members. This enables you to further nurture a personalized experience and access to the topics they value most.

With our community-first platform, member engagement increases by providing a personalized platform for healthcare professionals to share, discuss, and disseminate the latest medical knowledge.

Members need a trustworthy digital space to learn, share, and collaborate.


Large health systems are synonymous with delayed adaptation and a failure to create personalized experiences for their healthcare staff. With today’s continuous update of medical data and research, it’s near impossible for a single system to stay on top of publications to share with employees.

With a patient-first focus, healthcare providers and staff are often overlooked when it comes to improving their experience. But we now know if we improve the employee experience, the benefits reach far and wide to patient outcomes and retention.* And when doctors feel like they’re providing high-quality care (including access to scientific information when they need it) their satisfaction improves.*

When you partner with Juisci, your healthcare system has direct access to publications in real time. With our community-driven platform, peers are able to promote, comment, and discuss medical publications with their colleagues.

Lack of knowledge is a large barrier to compliance in healthcare. This obstacle is eliminated when your organization receives personalized, bite-sized content to increase publication comprehension and retainment. Plus, healthcare professionals are more likely to pay attention to the recommended reading from their respected peers rather than major organizations.

You’re also able to evaluate user behavior and preferences with our analytics to constantly improve user experience and subsequent satisfaction. With streamlined updates based on user preferences, value-based care increases as well as patient care.

There’s also the potential to earn continuing medical education (CME) points with Juisci. Keep in touch to learn how we’re planning to partner with major accrediting bodies to bring valuable CMEs to your healthcare professionals.

Constantly improving medical knowledge distribution leads to improved healthcare professional satisfaction and performance.


Gone are the days of running to the hospital or university library to stay updated on best practices. Healthcare professionals have turned to online publications and journals, but with the endless number of platforms and subscriptions – finding the right ones can be challenging (and time-consuming).

Our tool integrates to your telehealth platform, helping your community of healthcare professionals stay up-to-date. With our telehealth module plug-in, your telemedicine company now has a direct line to the latest medical research and knowledge updates straight from your own platform.

We facilitate community without the need for a shared office or clinic space by supporting interaction, conversation, and inspiration. You’re able to evaluate habits and preferences to continuously improve the user experience and promote information on topics that matter most to your patients.

By reducing time spent searching for research or asking peers separately for their thoughts – Juisci increases time available for patient care and even self care.

Virtual care and telemedicine providers need virtual medical article solutions.


Democratizing and disseminating scientific publications is only half of what we do. We empower healthcare professionals, encourage conversation and discussion, and make healthcare providers smarter.

By using technology to combine social and science, we bring healthcare communities closer while making them more informed. Harnessing the power of AI to curate highly-visual bites of medical information, we eliminate the time spent sifting through articles to allow time for social interaction and discussion.

It’s time to stop making medical knowledge a one-sided conversation. With Juisci, you decide what information matters and what medical publications your peers should read next. There’s no room for biased publication sharing in healthcare, there’s just too much at stake.

At Juisci we create a healthcare ecosystem for providers, leaders, and organizations to educate and disseminate the latest medical breakthroughs all in one place.




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