Struggling to Stay on Top of Scientific Literature? Juisci Can Help

Struggling to Stay on Top of Scientific Literature? Juisci Can Help

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Apr 4, 2022
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Staying up-to-date with the literature is one of the most important facets of a medical organization’s offerings. Without knowing where the current gaps in scientific knowledge are, your members will be left in the dark on the latest findings in the medical community. But as medical information exponentially increases, it has become increasingly challenging to keep up with the changing landscape. 

That’s why it’s important that healthcare organizations move toward an automated scientific literature monitoring process. In this article, we’ll explore the current state of scientific literature monitoring, hurdles your organization is currently facing to keep up, and how Juisci Workspace can help streamline the process.

The Current State of Scientific Literature Monitoring

Global literature screening is an activity that needs to be performed regularly in large biomedical databases that include the majority of scientific and medical journals. This includes articles written in any language, country, and time frame.

Organizations, such as biotech companies, medical associations (e.g. American Hospital Association, American College of Cardiology), clinics, and hospitals are all currently monitoring scientific literature on a daily basis.

Currently, the scientific literature monitoring process is time-consuming and costly. Many organizations don’t have a set process for scientific literature monitoring and is usually performed manually. This means hours of time and extensive manpower.

Hurdles Your Organization Faces

As we previously mentioned, the current state of scientific literature monitoring generates many obstacles. It is a complex, time-consuming, and costly process for your organization when performed manually. It is also a necessary process for clinical trials at biotech companies, knowledge dissemination for medical associations, and continuing medical education for clinics and hospitals. 

To stay compliant with different regulatory requirements worldwide, it is imperative that healthcare organizations perform global biomedical literature screening to identify information that could impact patient health and safety.

Scientific literature monitoring is also crucial to detect new or emerging information in your field. In order to keep current, systematic literature reviews of widely used reference databases (e.g., Medline) should be performed no less frequently than once a week.

Performing frequent systematic reviews can be difficult for many organizations to keep up with. According to a study conducted by The American Critical and Climatological Association, it was estimated that in 1950, medical knowledge doubled every 50 years; in 1980, every 7 years; in 2010, every 3.5 years. Since 2020, medical knowledge has doubled every 73 days.

The scientific research and literature monitoring process established decades ago is no longer capable of handling the exponential growth of medical information that needs to be scanned. That’s why the manual review process is in need of a complete overhaul.

How Juisci Workspace Can Help

Given this information, is your organization spending too much time on scientific research and literature monitoring? Do you need a succinct overview of the latest scientific discoveries in a specific field for your campaign, or to scale your content factory? Juisci Workspace can help.

Juisci Workspace offers an enterprise dashboard that automates your scientific literature monitoring and extracts key clinical takeaways to implement in your content factory, clinical trials, medical strategy, or campaign. 

Juisci Workspace enables your organization to: 

  • Filter scientific literature through keywords
  • Upload your own scientific publications
  • Process and summarize articles in a flash
  • Visualize essentials on your dashboard
  • Extract key clinical takeaways
  • Distribute digests to your members
  • Improve continuing medical education
  • Measure content performance and analyze trends

Forget about time-consuming literature research. With Juisci Workspace, your medical teams and experts can get back to more important tasks, such as creating strategies and campaigns for your initiatives. The best part? These Juisci Workspace benefits apply to all medical organizations, including life science organizations and biotech companies.


When it comes to scientific literature monitoring, the current state is time-consuming, costly, and organizations can have a hard time keeping up. 

That’s where Juisci comes in. Juisci Workspace can help streamline and expedite the process so that your team can get back to what they do best: creating compelling strategies, medical materials, and campaigns for your initiatives.

Click here to check out Juisci Workspace and sign up today.


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