How to make ChatGPT's AI revolution a reality for healthcare?

How to make ChatGPT's AI revolution a reality for healthcare?

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Feb 22, 2023
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The advent of ChatGPT’s latest iteration has made global headlines, giving unprecedented coverage to AI and its role in disseminating information.  While many legitimately wonder if tools such as ChatGPT will overhaul entire industries, and displace other providers of digital learning solutions, Juisci welcomes the societal conversations ChatGPT has sparked, the regulatory concerns it has raised and the impact it wields on broadening access to scientific and medical information while accelerating its dissemination. 

ChatGPT’s breakthroughs, practicality, and impressive results will democratize the everyday usage of technologies shaped by AI and machine learning. It will lead to tangible professional and personal applications for a widespread audience. Hundreds of millions of professionals across the globe will soon be familiarized with these tools and technologies and how they can take advantage of them to improve their productivity and wellbeing. 

Fundamentally, by engaging professionals & the general public on the benefits of AI tools, ChatGPT will unequivocally accelerate the adoption of solutions such as Juisci, and empower us to better serve our users, who in turn, will be better trained to maximize the value of what we offer.  

Since Juisci primarily deals with the health and medical fields, let’s unpack how ChatGPT will disrupt the sector, what it means for Juisci, and how we are both complementary and differentiated from ChatGPT. 

The general premise that led to the creation of Juisci hasn’t changed. It is increasingly difficult to access and absorb the scores of endless and fragmented publications, studies, and guidelines released at overwhelming frequencies. More critically, it’s an even deeper challenge to extract meaningful or actionable insights from all the information that swarms the Internet. 

As a result, pre-trained language models are progressively disrupting scientific discovery and monitoring through tools such as ChatGPT or MedPALM. By scanning millions of data points, they can provide a patient or healthcare professional with a condensed or aggregated summary of the information they seek and that would otherwise require hundreds of hours of reading and analysis. As these processes become pervasive, it will fuel a revolution in how scientific and medical information is requested, packaged and consumed

Information and decisions that revolve around healthcare carry profound effects. The health and medical field stands out for being deeply rooted in trust, transparency and regulation. Therefore while the AI learning revolution driven by ChatGPT deserves to be celebrated,  its benefits for healthcare and medicine will only be unlocked by society at large through platforms such as Juisci that combine automation and trust

What it means is delivering the same degree of proficient automation through machine learning, chiefly pre-trained language models performing specific tasks such as scientific literature aggregation, selection, summarization, translation and recommendation

While also cementing trust by: 

  • Ensuring privacy & digital security to our users, partners & clients. 
  • Encoding vetted medical criteria into the AI to select trustworthy content. 
  • Enlisting a knowledgeable medical team to quality check medical content and iterate on our pre-trained language models in collaboration with our team of data scientists
  • Interacting frequently with our health-driven community
  • Forming a Scientific & Ethical Board to advise on medical strategy and install guardrails. 

For which results? 

Privacy & Security:

  • Ensuring the security of users’ data while only distributing reliable and qualitative medical content to maximize our community’s benefits are our top priorities. We are proud to respect the privacy of our users by being ad-free. 


  • Providing a clear understanding of where the content originated from is critical for information to be perceived as valuable in the healthcare space. At Juisci, you are always a click-away from the original publication & references to substantiate scientific insights. 
  • Also, our medical team relies on a rigorous vetting process to verify the quality and accuracy of all content available on Juisci. 


  • Interacting with AI is not an innate skill and requires a lot of training. Juisci's experience is designed to directly bring you recommended content based on your specialty and interests. Your time is precious: stop searching, start finding! 


When studying past innovations that transformed economies and a wide range of industries, one will always find that they created more opportunities than they destroyed. At Juisci we strongly believe that ChatGPT and other similar technologies have paved the way for machine learning and language models to finally improve our productivity and everyday lives with tangible results. But they cannot stand alone, which is why we firmly believe that every sector will witness the advent of complementary solutions that are tailored to the challenges posed by their fields. With respect to healthcare and medicine, technological progress must be rooted in trust and accountability for patients and professionals to participate in this revolution. By leveraging AI and trust, Juisci powers reliable scientific dissemination (lower costs + less time) for organizations to accelerate research, patient care, medical innovation, while we pledge to continue to give free access to our community which currently comprises 120,000+ healthcare professionals who can learn from findings they trust.  

Robin Roumengas

🍋Juisci Co-founder & CEO

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