Up For the Challenge: How We’re Changing Medical Publication Distribution Standards

Up For the Challenge: How We’re Changing Medical Publication Distribution Standards

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Sep 29, 2021
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Juisci wasn’t an idea created in a boardroom or C-suite. Juisci was created by healthcare professionals like you, out of necessity. Necessity in an unprecedented time of a global health crisis that was highlighting a major gap in healthcare information access.

One of Juisci’s founders, cardiologist Dr David Luu, recognized this gap when he fell into it trying to find up to date medical information about COVID-19. It wasn’t only to find COVID-19 treatments and advice for his patients – but to find treatment for his own family affected by the virus.

Desperate for any and all news, breakthroughs, or even anecdotal recommendations, his only option was to turn to Twitter and other social media platforms. As you can imagine (and probably experienced yourself) using highly biased and congested social media platforms to find concrete guidance and help was complicated and confusing.

So why did Dr. Luu turn to Twitter? Because there was no place for the global medical community to come together and share information. There was no place curating updated guidance, research articles, and recommendations on a global scale.

This is what led him and cofounder Robin Roumengas to search for a better way to bring medical information to healthcare professionals on a digital (and global) scale. Juisci was created to solve the problem of too much information being spread across too many spaces.

Here’s how we are doing it.


Our vision is to create a platform to deliver Juisci to as many healthcare professionals as possible to maximize impact. By maximizing impact, this means more healthcare providers are accessing medical articles and publications thanks to our B2C and B2B2C strategies.

Juisci is piloted in France and the US to generate momentum for rapid reach at a global scale. With English being the primary language used in scientific publications, combined with a digital platform – there are no limits to where Juisci can be reached and utilized.


Our B2C program targets early adopters such as university hospitals and medical schools. With this free Juisci program, the goal is maximizing reach and impact by providing Juisci to as many healthcare professionals and students as possible.

Our main goal with this Freemium strategy is to gain feedback, insights, and optimize the platform to deliver the best experience to the end user. Using data points from Freemium, we are able to further curate Juisci to improve user experience and value of the platform.


Our Juisci Premium pilot focuses on medical associations, health centers, and virtual care as clients who will use Juisci to enhance their user experience and improve member engagement. This paid program provides Juisci as a benefit and perks to their members to increase overall value to their membership, especially in a time where digital connection is key.

With many conferences and congresses going digital or being cancelled all together last year, medical associations had to find alternative ways to bring value to their members to maintain and foster member engagement. This is where we step in and step up to provide a way for organizations to continue delivering high quality content and connection to their members.


Creating an inclusive yet decentralized platform focusing on medical article sharing requires the minds and inspiration of many. Juisci is built and developed by physicians and healthcare technologists to close the gap between medical publication and our digital world.

We are made of talented leaders, innovators, designers, engineers, and medical professionals from across the globe. This means every aspect vital to our values are approached by people who understand the issues and who can create the best solutions.


In our hyperconnected world, confining your medical journal access to one place (or one subscription) is like opening your food delivery app and seeing there’s only one restaurant to choose from.

At Juisci, we’re all about creating a global library of medical information that feels like it was made just for you. Our core values are centered around what makes us human – striving for trust, transparency, and curiosity.

By working with partners from all over the globe and partners who provide medical data and community from all aspects of healthcare, we’re creating a diverse platform built on being ethical and inclusive in this space. We are bold in our vision and aim to challenge the status quo of medical article distribution, making us forerunners in the quest for equal and quick access to publications.

But that’s not where our vision ends. We’ve cultivated business values that work cohesively with our behavioral and human values. We are committed to creating a human-focused UX and CX that is able to swiftly evolve with technology advances and organizational preferences.

To make sure you don’t miss out on our launch of the beta cardiology program. sign up to our waiting list here. And if you’re interested in investing or becoming a partner with us – please reach out here.

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