Juisci Makes You Smarter: How AI Tools Are Educating and Unifying Healthcare Professionals

Juisci Makes You Smarter: How AI Tools Are Educating and Unifying Healthcare Professionals

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Jul 21, 2021
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At Juisci we empower healthcare professionals and leaders by democratizing medical publication access. We’re an AI-powered, crowd-reviewed platform bringing a better way to share vital scientific knowledge.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) tools bringing information to those who need it most and pairing it with co-creation – we create a space for scientific and social innovation. Our social features build community and provide crowd-reviewed content, allowing users to comment and promote scientific summaries together.

This allows for a fluidity that has never existed before when it comes to real-time dissemination and discussion.


If you’re someone who raises an eyebrow when someone says AI – you’re not alone. Thanks to movies and vivid imagination, AI can get a bad rep as a future evil. But the truth is, the future is already here.
You use AI tools all day, every day.*

When your GPS gives you variable routes to the same location – it does this with AI.

When you deposit mobile checks with your bank app – AI machine learning interprets the handwriting.

Your favorite social media apps all use AI to analyze emojis and user habits to promote related content.

AI is used in healthcare too. Benefits include identifying anomalies in CT scans and MRIs and saving healthcare providers time by eliminating redundant tasks – allowing more time for patients.*

All of these features share the same universal benefits – saving time and bringing people closer. As much as AI is seen as a way to make computers life-like, AI allows people to return to the things that matter, things that make us human. By saving time searching for answers, the right route, or examining imaging – people can focus on human connection and social innovation.

The way we share the latest healthcare information should be no different. Juisci creates community and shares scientific knowledge effortlessly using our AI-driven platform.


At Juisci we’re using the latest technology advances to gather, digest, and disseminate medical knowledge. Using AI we create a healthcare ecosystem that is constantly learning, evolving, and improving. From fetching articles and using data integration processes we’re able to access publications from different platforms and journals.

Then, the power of machine learning is used to comprehend and create engaging summaries that are delivered to your mobile device in bite-sized nuggets. Here is a deep-dive into how we do it:


Much like Google and Bing, Juisci crawl the internet to fetch medical publications.

By crawling the numerous open access journal articles and publications in real-time, Juisci’s database is continuously collecting new data and information. This data comes from new posts, links, and web pages these publishers release.

This step is one that many people do on their own by frequenting their favorite journal’s website or subscribing to their mailing list. The issue is most of these publications release three new articles a day making real-time updates unfeasible for healthcare professionals.


Juisci takes the collected data from medical publications and uses the data integration process of ETL. ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. ETL is commonly used to organize and clean up data to be stored in digital data warehouses or data hubs.*

Benefits of ETL include taking information and data from multiple sources and organizing them into one streamlined database. This makes ETL integration perfect for collecting data from numerous publication platforms and sources. It doesn’t matter if an article was published in The Lancet or JAMA – ETL catalogs data into a digital filing cabinet ready to be accessed.


Natural language processing (NLP) enables our platform to take extracted scientific information and create useful summaries.* NLP incorporates facets of AI like machine learning to continuously evolve and improve. You already use NLP tools in your day-to-day life. From Alexa and Siri to auto-correct and email spam filters – NLP has become an integral part of enhancing the digital user experience.*

Language and speech are inherently difficult and ambiguous. That’s why your dictation software still misunderstands you even after months of use.

This is where AI-driven tools shine when it comes to user-friendly content. NLP not only takes the words from medical publications, but it also takes the whole picture to create complete summaries. By looking contextually at research, data, and results, Juisci can comprehend even the most complex medical concepts.


Once data is extracted and comprehensive abstracts are curated – mobile-focused visual and audio summaries are presented to the user. Creating these digestible visualizations is what sets Juisci summaries apart from traditional publication abstracts.

Even though they’re meant to be short and concise, abstracts are often lengthy and verbose to include publication requirements. Reading journal article abstracts on a mobile device is even less pleasant with small, chunky blocks of text to read.

At Juisci, we create summaries that are not only educational and informing but summaries that are appealing and engaging. Our automated valuation tools allow for enhanced scientific information comprehension with entertaining infographics and quizzes.

By fetching, cleaning, comprehending, and visualizing medical articles with AI technology we’re streamlining vast amounts of information making it digestible and applicable.


These digestible bites of medical knowledge allow more time for social engagement, co-creation, and crowd-reviewing of the most important topics. With the ability to comment and reply to comments within our platform, discussion and innovation thrive.

If you use Juisci through your organization or medical association, you can have conversations in real-time with your peers about articles most relevant to your practice. You can also share and promote the content you think others should see – creating a personalized experience for you and your peers.

There’s also the potential to earn continuing medical education (CME) points through Juisci. Stay tuned to hear more about our partnerships with major accrediting bodies to earn and submit CMEs when needed.

To make sure you don’t miss out on our launch of the beta cardiology program by signing up for our waiting list here. And if you’re interested in investing or becoming a partner with us – please reach out here.

By using AI tools to curate medical articles, medical professionals have more time to build community and increase member engagement within medical organizations.


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