How a Startup Refused to Accept the Complicated Journey of Medical Publication Access

How a Startup Refused to Accept the Complicated Journey of Medical Publication Access

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Jul 1, 2021
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In early 2020 healthcare professionals needed insights, data, and answers. Facing an emerging global pandemic against a virus no one had seen before meant a lot of questions that needed to be answered quickly.

Physicians, nurses, administrators, and researchers were turning to social media to find information. Facebook groups and Twitter threads were created to crowd-source and review what was working and what wasn’t when it came to treating patients with coronavirus.

Why Facebook and not major medical journal publications? Because the publications weren’t being made accessible fast enough. There was no other place where research was being reviewed by healthcare peers in realtime to make important breakthroughs available to everyone.

Information was spread out across multiple platforms and databases making it nearly impossible to find new data.
The founders of Juisci were no different, they had sick family members who needed care and guidance and they knew there had to be a better way.

Juisci – a combination of the word juice and science – is here to democratize medical publication access. By using innovative and adaptive technology, we bring objective medical breakthroughs, guidelines, and discoveries straight to your smartphone.

Access barriers including subscription cost and lack of time to read full journals or publications are removed with your daily shot of Juisci. Appealing visual and audio content create a personalized medical journal database to keep you updated and to keep your practice relevant.

Read on to discover how our new platform is disrupting the way the world accesses medical journals.


As a healthcare provider or someone promoting healthcare services, staying abreast to current clinical guidelines is imperative. This is done with medical publications to fine tune care and remain relevant in today’s competitive healthcare climate. But there are many obstacles to keeping a pulse on today’s massive medical journal database.


Healthcare professionals spend more time searching for relevant and updated medical publications than they do reading them. Although ironic, this is not surprising considering the 2.5 million science articles published every year (with life sciences being the most prevalent).

The potential to miss a pertinent article is large. This often leads to multiple subscriptions from multiple sources (print journal, electronic subscription, email, blogs, etc).

Even if you focus on your specialty, there are several journals to choose from. For example, there are over ten cardiology journals available. This has led to an issue of too many places to check when looking for current publications and the subsequent overwhelm of too much to read.


In addition to trying to decide which medical journals to subscribe to, you have to decide how much money you’re going to spend to access them. With an average price of $200-300 for an yearly online subscription, subscribing to only four journals is pushing $1,200 per year.

If you own your practice and provide journal access to your group, the prices grow even higher. Packages start at over $2,000 to access major libraries to provide access to your staff. Plus many of these subscriptions limit how many users can access publications, causing an issue of deciding which staff should have access to up-to-date medical knowledge.


Even if you’ve narrowed down to a handful of medical journals and you’ve invested the money for your subscriptions – there’s still the problem of time.

Working in healthcare means working long hours with complex situations. From primary care providers who have to be aware of updates in multiple fields to specialists working long hours in the OR, a common thread in healthcare is the lack oftime.

There’s simply not enough hours in your busy work day to sit down and read publications and more importantly – retain valuable insights useful to your practice. That’s why it’s time to change how you interact with medical journal databases.

That’s why it’s time to make medical journal article access easier, faster, and smarter.


Juisci is your smarter medical publication dissemination solution dedicated to healthcare professionals and researchers. We create curated, digestible, and highly visualized information nuggets you can read in less than five minutes.

Rather than monthly or quarterly mass publications, our platform sends digestible shots of information each day to keep you in the know and up-to-date. Here’s what you get when you open Juisci every morning:


Have you ever tried to read an article on your smartphone? The tiny font alone is enough to give you a headache and move on to something more entertaining.

Rather than drab abstracts which take time to read and interpret – our audio and written summaries make it easy so you can quickly retain knowledge or move on to the next article. You save time by quickly finding and retaining relevant clinical breakthroughs you can bring to your patients today.


Most social platforms use tools to curate content it thinks you’ll find most useful, just like they did in response to the pandemic. This is why we’re bringing this revolutionary function to clinical publications.

Find something you feel was especially useful? With Juisci you can comment and promote publications in real time, fostering co-creating and crowd-based promotion. This means the most valuable content is the most readily available content in a constantly evolving crowd-reviewed environment.

We also use your promotions to make sure related content is next in line for you to check out.


Not only does our platform take the headache out of clinical research dissemination, it helps you reach your CME goals. With fun, gamified tests throughout your content, you’re retaining information learned so you can start applying it today.

Eventually we plan to partner with major accrediting bodies to provide valuable CMEs along the way for the content you learn. CMEs will be stored within your account and easily accessible when it’s time to renew certifications and licenses.


We not only bring access to those who need it when they need it – we intend on leading a platform that combines community and technology to democratize medical publications to empower healthcare professionals and the infrastructure which supports it.

By leveraging the power of intelligent technology against social interaction, we deliver continuous medical education that is always learning and adapting.

The days are gone of clunky clinical knowledge dissemination. The world today is small so why is publication access so difficult?

Just like medical advances have improved how we chart, prescribe, and complete medical procedures – medical publication sharing is improving too. With Juisci, healthcare professionals, industry leaders, and publishers all get what they want: to increase instant access to the most important medical information in a trusted, crowd-reviewed healthcare ecosystem.

By removing the need to have multiple touch points and price points and making research easily digestible with our AI-driven platform, we are the future of scientific knowledge sharing.

To make sure you don’t miss out on our launch of the beta cardiology program by signing up to our waiting list here. And if you’re interested in investing or becoming a partner with us – please reach out here.

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