As the month of February is about to begin, we want to let you know about what’s new on JUISCI.

First, we’ve opened up the Heart Health Month by uploading the latest and most talked about scientific publications in cardiology. Topics that were discussed at the Annual European Congress of Cardiology, so if you missed out on the congress, you can always catch up on JUISCI…While you are on JUISCI you might also enjoy the top scientific publications in primary care and family medicine that our AI engine has synthesized for you.

We also want to show our support to the International Cancer Day by doing what we do best, which is: fetch the latest clinical studies and discoveries. You will be pleased to find a very well furnished new Oncology category on the app to keep you up-to-date and well-informed, specifically on breast, lung and prostate cancers.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience on the app, and if you still haven’t checked it out yet, you can always discover JUISCI here.

The JUISCI team, with 🍋.

JUISCI’s secret recipe

Would you like to know how JUISCI works? And what do we mean by technical pipeline and artificial intelligence?

Well it’s kind of complex but very awesome at the same time. Take a look at our last video and you will know how JUISCI centralizes and summarizes in a highly visual interface the most essential and relevant medical content there is out there.

TOP 3 most cited articles in Oncology

To introduce our new category available on the app, we want to share with you the 3 most cited scientific articles in oncology. Of course, there are many more on JUISCI. And for you, what was the most interesting paper that you’ve read lately ?

 What is a Highly Cited Article?

Qu’est-ce qu’un article cité à de multiples reprises ?

What is a Highly Cited Article?

If you’re in the medical science or research world, you know that finding credible and impactful sources is incredibly important to getting the information you need. That’s where HCAs come in.

Si vous êtes dans le monde de la science ou de la recherche médicale, vous savez que sélectionner des sources fiables est la clé pour obtenir les informations sérieuses dont vous avez besoin. C’est là que les HCA interviennent.

Read this article

Read this article